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Helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently


FlightDeck Software specialize in building customizable software used in electronic flight bags by flight crew as a single solution for an airline's entire fleet.

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Electronic Flight Bag

The Electronic Flight Bag will help reduce costs and establish convenient access
to digital documents in addition reduces pilot workload and data flow efficiency
thereby improving flight safety.

The system is designed as a central information repository for the flight
crew during all phases of flight.

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EFB Applications

Capable of displaying documents, manuals and running applications such as electronic route manual, performance software, Mass and Balance,
Electronic tech log etc.
We can in most cases adapt it to your specific third party applications.

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EFB Data Administration

Provides the EFB administrator a single user interface for configuring
software selections to devices.
All data is encrypted and streamed between EFB and databases
through web services.

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Norwegian was founded in 1993 and is the sixth largest low-cost airline in the world with around 7000 employees.
With over 110 B737 aircraft flying fully paperless with aircraft attached EFB’s the pilots have all the information, data
and tools they need.
Norwegian is also constantly changing and expanding with more AOC’s and aircraft and it is a challenging task to comply with the different Aviation Authority requirements.
FlightDeck Software has been our companion from the beginning of our EFB program in 2008-2009.
They have developed an EFB system that fits our needs perfectly.
They never stop to amaze us with their ability to quickly “turn around” and develop the software and solutions that we need.
Their knowledge of the aviation industry and their ability to understand what we need is unique.

Bjørn André Johansen EFB Administrator B787 - Deputy EFB Manager B737 Norwegian Flight Support

When we in West Atlantic Sweden had decided to go for an EFB solution for our three different aircraft fleets, we invited four different companies that offered EFB solutions for airlines. We described in detail our high demands that we expected on an EFB system, such as customer support, functionality, rehabilitee and flexibility for different modifications between aircraft types.

After product demonstrations, interviews and contract negotiations with all four EFB-system suppliers, it was obvious that only one EFB supplier could deliver the system that we desired within a reasonable cost solution together with our high demands.

Flight Deck Software (FDS) with their long EFB experience together with several other major airlines was the outstanding winner for our EFB solution.
Flight Deck Software have given us all the support and assistance that we could ask for during the approval process with the SCAA.
The same goes for the support after the implementation. Now it´s more of modification and efficiency of the EFB system.

One very important and positive ability that we have experienced with FDS, is that updates to the EFB-system has very short lead times from when the decision have been taken to the updated EFB- system.
The commercial agreement between FDS and West Atlantic Sweden have all been within the budget from start of the project. No extra payments to cover unpredictable programming costs. I must say that FDS have been very generous and flexible in these matters.

I hereby strongly recommend FlightDeck Software AB to any air operator that is planning to implement an EFB solution!

Thomas Rydén - Deputy NP Flight Operations - West Atlantic Sweden AB

Company Info

Flightdeck software was founded 2009 by people with experience and background from the airline industry within the fields of software development, engineering and flight safety.

Our goal is to provide our customers with software products that facilitate increased safety and creation of cost saving advantages, thereby creating significant competitive advantages.

We are committed long term to the mission of helping our customers. Just as we constantly update and improve our products, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to better serve our customers.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or a demo.

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